Many of you have tried some of the wonderful products made by Seed to Sausage – Chorizo, Montreal Smoked Meat, old fashioned bacon, caramelized onion and pepper sausage, just to name of few. In this presentation, owner Mike McKenzie will tell you his story of starting Seed to Sausage as a hobby in his garage fueled by his desire for DIY meats. He learned his trade by visiting small salami makers from around the world. Fast forward seven years and he has gone from a guy who made salami for friends to an entrepreneur selling his own premium cured meats to high end restaurants in Ottawa, Kingston and Toronto and is about to embark on opening his fourth retail outlet. In addition to creating great products, Mike has been very strategic in how he has grown his business and is excellent in connecting with other businesses. Mike is also a strong supporter and mentor for other small business owners.  This free presentation will be held Jan 16th and to register, visit