I was asked to make a presentation to the County of Frontenac’s Community Economic Development Committee about the programs and services offered by the Frontenac CFDC and its strategic plan.  I took the opportunity to discuss three items that could make a positive economic impact on our community.  I would like to discuss one of those items on the blog today – the lack of availability of land and/or facilities for light industrial and commercial use.   For example, I have been working with an established business for the last 18 months attempting to find them a parcel of 2 acres of land in South Frontenac to relocate their business to.  They anticipate being able to hire 10 additional staff in the proposed larger facility.  Our attempts to find a location have not yet been successful.  Many municipalities set up “industrial or commercial parks” which offer serviced lots for sale at fair market rates to assist new and growing businesses to easily find land. Perhaps this is something that our municipal leaders can explore for the County of Frontenac.