At the beginning of each year, the staff at the Frontenac CFDC get a spike in enquires from individuals wishing to become self-employed or start a new business.  Perhaps time off from work during the holiday season has given people time to reevaluate their life choices.  Maybe while having a pint with their buddy they chatted about how they could make a better beer and from there sprang the idea of living the dream of starting their own brewery.   Whatever the reason, the Frontenac CFDC is here to assist.  We are offering a Business Basics Workshop each month with the first being held January 10.

Do you have a business idea?  Are you in the process of starting a small business and looking for some guidance or financing?  Curious about what the CFDC has to offer?  This FREE one-hour information session on starting your business is designed for new and aspiring entrepreneurs.  You will learn how to register your business, access CFDC resources and secure financing.  You must register for this free session   We hope to see you there.