The Eastern Ontario Development Program (EODP) is funded through the Federal Development of Southern Ontario (FedDev) with the goal of promoting the growth of new and existing businesses in rural Eastern Ontario.   The EODP comes to an end December 2018 and we do not know if this grant program will be renewed. The Frontenac CFDC is accepting applications for projects that commence after April 1, 2018 and are completed and expended by no later than Dec 1, 2018.    Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis until August 10, 2018, funding permitting, and applications must be approved prior to any expenses being incurred.   August 10th will be our last intake.

How can you use the program for your business?  We have had clients access EODP funding to assist them with market diversification.  For example, one business owner hired a consultant to develop a marketing strategy which was highly successful when it was implemented.   A number of our clients have used the funding to exhibit at trade shows to reach new potential buyers, while others have created on-line stores.  Other business owners have purchased specialized equipment to allow for value-added production or to create a new product.   Feasibility studies and research for product development are also eligible costs, as are skills training such as learning skills to offer a new service, improve the financial management of the business and increase business efficiencies.

For more information on this program and to download an application form, visit