Products and Services Profile

Industry: Information Technology and Communication

Municipality: Central Frontenac

Year Established: 2014

Vital Volunteers provides your association or club with web based solutions to make your day to day tasks easier and more effective. Your volunteers will love the time savings! We help automate Member management, Dues / Donation collection and tracking, Finance, Email communication, Web site updates, Surveys, Document management, Action tracking, Calendar of Events, Revenue opportunities via a Business Sponsor Directory. Since the solutions are web based your executive decides who does what – there are no limitations due to software or the information being stored on someone’s PC. Training is easy, many customers are trained over the phone without ever meeting face to face.


Job-related certifications: PMP


Primary Contact Information
Art Dunham
1082 Willett Lane, Arden, ON
K0H 1B0
Phone Number: 613-344-2055

Phone: 613-344-2055
Website: Vital Volunteers Inc