Products and Services Profile

Industry: Environmental Services

Municipality: South Frontenac

Year Established: 1993

Natural Capital Resources Inc. is dedicated to the discovery, development, and distribution of earth-friendly solutions for everyday decisions. Our goal is to revolutionize Canadians capital and operating expenditure decisions, leading to market growth for earth-friendly products and services. Our consulting services focus on Development of earth-friendly policies, methodologies and practices. From business strategy development with the environment in mind, to procurement and operations policies, we can get you off to a great start in setting a new environmentally-conscious direction for employees, customers and suppliers. For families, we offer similar services oriented to a home setting. If you have an idea for a new earth-friendly product or service, we can assist with market research and feasibility studies, business case development, finance/funding applications, and implementation plans to bring new ideas to life. We can also link you to product development and testing services, regulatory agencies, or other commercialization services. We can help with audits of existing operations—at work or home, site evaluations and recommendations on designs and specifications for new systems such as alternative energy.

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Fax: 613-376-9823
Website: Natural Capital Resources Inc.