Products and Services Profile

Industry: Forestry and related

Municipality: North Frontenac

Year Established: 1987

Automotive& Heavy Equipment Truck Repairs, Parts, Safety Inspections. Tires & Service Retail includes Chainsaws, Trimmers, Cutoff Saws, Leaf Blowers, Lawnmowers (push/tractor/commercial) Safety Equipment, Related Parts & Accesories. Snowblowers & Parts Relating to all forms of Lawn & Garden Equipment. ATV & Snowmobile Parts & Service. Associated Companies: BOC, Stihl, Husqvarna, Kimpex Action, Briggs & Stratton & Oregon


Job-related certifications: Class “S” Automotive Technician & Classs “T” Truck/Coach Technician


Primary Contact Information
Dean Manion
PO Box 80, Ardoch, ON
K0H 1C0
Phone Number: (613) 479-2383
Level entranceway to door, Accessible entrance at the front of the building

Phone: 613-479-2383
Fax: 613-479-2383