Products and Services Profile

Industry: Tourism – Accommodation

Municipality: Central Frontenac

Year Established: 1970

Leggat Lake Cottages offers four 2 to 3 bedroom housekeeping cottages, each with its own private shoreline/beach on a beautiful springfed lake. Fishing is good and the lake offers northern pike, bass, pickeral and perch. Boats are available on request. Hiking is available. Each cottage has electricty, hot and cold running water, three piece baths, well equipped kitchens and most are decorated in pine. Rental times are Sat. to Sat in the summer season.


Primary Contact Information
Mrs. Carol Stinchcombe
1170 Stinchcombe Rd., RR1 Parham, ON
Phone Number: 613-375-6348
Additional Contact
Name: King Stinchcombe
Position: Co-owner
Ramp or slope leading to door, Accessible entrance at the front of the building
One of oue 3 bedroom cottages has a ramp. The rest have steps numbering from 2 to 6 to enter the cottages. Door widths are standard. All cottages have entrance from level ground.
Tourism Related Business
Type of Accommodation: Cottages
Months Open: May “” October
Number of Rooms: 5-6
Other Facilities: cottages, fishin, swimming, hiking

Phone: 613-375-6348
Website: Leggat Lake Cottages