Enjoy 10 acres of privacy and over 530ft of gorgeous Western exposure at Lazy Loon Lakehouse. Located on pristine Wolfe Lake, it’s the perfect South Frontenac cottage rental. Take in the sunset while dining on the 50 ft. deck. In the summer, chill in the zen garden or lounge on the cedar dock or swim raft. Swim in the weed-free water, and row a boat or paddle one of two kayaks. Relax in a hanging hammock chair by the water or enjoy pure solitude in the forest. End the day by taking advantage of the fully stocked pantry, fresh herbs from the garden and new BBQ. Listen to the loons. Cottage life doesn’t get better than this.
Website: www.lazyloonlakehouse.com
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Phone: 416-262-9074
Email: lazyloonlakehouse@gmail.com
Website: Lazy Loon Lakehouse