Products and Services Profile

Industry: Professional, Scientific and Technical Services

Municipality: Frontenac Islands

Year Established: 1999

Provide a selection of services that complement businesses core competencies, allowing them to focus on what they do well and succeed. Trusted advisors helping to retain and grow businesses by partnering with management to identify causes and implement cures. Advisors with both local and international business experience who are committed to: ˜ Work with you to discuss your concerns ˜ Discretely work with you to diagnose and develop improvements to correct the issues interfering with your growth ˜ Provide timely summaries of findings and recommendations ˜ Contribute to revising and creating strategic plans and action plans ˜ Assist in the development of programs, systems and training to ensure buy-in for all operations. ˜ Close the GAP ˜ Help you sleep at night.

Primary Contact Information
Mr. Carlyle Crothers
319 Carpenter Point Rd, Wolfe Island, ON
K0H 2Y0
Phone Number: 613.539.0887

Phone: 613-539-0887
Website: Enterprise Excellence