Products and Services Profile

Industry: Business

Municipality: Central Frontenac

Year Established: 1993

We specialize in providing products and services for improving productivity through effective time management. Dyna-form also provides training, facilitation and support services in business operations and organizational development. Products: include a Day Planner (leather binder) and appropriate forms to meet individual time management needs. Services: project management training; time management seminars; well-being seminars. Clients include, through direct or brokered contracts: Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Human Resources Department of Canada, Dairy Bureau of Canada, Statistics Canada, Henkedan Corporation, George Brown College, Seneca College and many small business and individuals.


Job-related certifications: B. ED. Adult Education

Primary Contact Information
Mr. Fred Pentney
RR#1, 1218 Richmond Lane, Parham, ON
K0H 2K0
Phone Number: 416-697-7177 or 613-375-7334

Phone: 416-697-7177 or 613-375-7334
Website: Dyna-form